Welcome to flask_dialogflow!

flask_dialogflow is a Flask extension to build Dialogflow agents. It aims to shine through the following features:

  • A familiar Flask extension structure that handles the mundane stuff behind the scenes

  • Robust JSON serialization and deserialization of the entire Dialogflow and Actions on Google API to native Python classes

  • A simple API for high-level Google Assistant features

  • Special template features for voice assistants

  • Support for multi-platform agents and extensibility to new platforms

  • Integration with the Flask CLI and shell

  • Helpers to test an agent

  • A comprehensive test suite

Here is a quick example:

from flask import Flask
from flask_dialogflow.agent import DialogflowAgent

app = Flask(__name__)
agent = DialogflowAgent(app)

def hello_world(conv):
   conv.ask('Hello world!')
   return conv

For more information, check out the Tutorial and the API documentation.

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